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a, a.m., aback, abandon, abashed, abate, abattoir, abbey, abbreviate, abbreviation, abdicate, abdication, abdomen, abdominal, abduct, abduction, abhorrence, abhorrent, abide by, ability, ablaze, able, able-bodied, abnormal, abnormally, aboard, abolish, abolition, abort, abortion, abortive, about, above, above-mentioned, abrasion, abrasive, abreast, abridge, abroad, abrupt, abruptly, abscess, absence, absent, absent-minded, absent-mindedly, absentee, absenteeism, absolute, absolutely, absolution, absolve, absorb, absorbency, absorbent, absorbing, abstain, abstention, abstinence, abstract, abstruse, absurd, absurdity, absurdly, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, abysmal, abyss, AC, academic, academy, accede, accelerate, acceleration, accelerator, accent, accentuate, accept, acceptable, acceptance, access, access code, access road, access time, accessible, accession, accession criteria, accessories, accessory, accident, accidental, accidentally, acclaim, acclamation, acclimate, acclimatize, accommodate, accommodation, accompaniment, accompany, accomplice, accomplish, accomplished, accomplishment, accord, accordance, according, accordingly, accordion, accordionist, account, account for, account holder, account number, accountability, accountable, accountant, accumulate, accumulation, accuracy, accurate, accurately, accusation, accusative, accuse, accused, accusing, accusingly, accustom, ace, ache, achieve, achievement, acid, acid rain, acid test, acidity, acknowledge, acknowledgement, acknowledgment, acne, acorn, acoustics, acquaint, acquaintance, acquiesce, acquiescence, acquire, acquisition, acquisition cost, acquisitive, acquit, acquittal, acre, acreage, acrid, acrimonious, acrobat, acrobatic, acrobatics, acronym, across, acrylic, act, acting, action, action replay, active, activist, activity, actor, actual, actually, acupuncture, acute, acutely, AD, ad lib, Adam's apple, adamant, adamantly, adapt, adaptability, adaptable, adaptation, adaptor, add, add on, add-on, add up, adder, addict, addicted, addiction, addition, additional, additive, address


baby, baby boom, baby-sitter, babyish, bachelor, back, back away, back burner, back-breaking, back down, back off, back onto, back out, back seat, back streets, back up, back-up, backache, backbencher, backbiting, backbone, backdate, backdoor, backer, backfire, background, backhand, backhander, backing, backing group, backlash, backlog, backpack, backpacker, backpacking, backpedal, backside, backslash, backspace, backspace key, backstairs, backstroke, backtrack, backup, backup disk, backward, backwards, backyard, bacon, bacteria, bad, bad debt, bad language, bad-mannered, bad-tempered, badge, badger, badly, badminton, baffle, baffling, bag, baggage, baggage reclaim, baggage trolley, baggy, bagpipes, bail, bailiff, bait, bake, baked beans, baker, baker's, bakery, baking powder, balance, balance of payments, balance of trade, balance sheet, balanced, balcony, bald, balding, Balkan, Balkans, ball, ball bearing, ball game, ballad, ballerina, ballet, ballet dancer, ballistic missile, balloon, balloonist, ballot, ballot box, ballot paper, ballpark, ballpark figure, ballpoint pen penna, ballpoint penna, bamboo, ban, banal, banana, band, bandage, bandit, bandwagon, bandy, bang, banger, bangle, banisters, banjo, bank, bank account, bank balance, bank holiday, bank loan, bank manager, bank note, bank rate, bank sort code, bank statement, banker, banker's card, banker's order, banking, bankroll, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banns, banquet, banter, baptism, baptize, bar, bar chart, bar code, bar tender, barbarian, barbaric, barbecue, barbed wire, barber, barbiturate, bare, bare-headed, barefoot, barely, bargain, bargain for, barge, barge into, baritone, bark, barley, barmaid, barman, barn, barometer, Baroque, barracks, barrage, barrel, barren, barricade, barrier, barring, barrister, barrow, barter, base, base rate, baseball, baseball bat, baseball cap, baseless, basement, bash, basic, basically, basics, basil, basilica, basin, basis, bask, basket, basketball, bass, bat, batch, bated, bath, bath mat


cab, cabaret, cabbage, cabin, cabin attendant, cabin crew, cabinet, cabinet maker, cabinet meeting, cabinet minister, cabinet reshuffle, cable, cable car, cable television, cache, cactus, caddie, cadet, cadge, Caesarean, cafй, cafeteria, caffeine, cage, cagey, cahoots, cajole, cake, calamity, calcium, calculate, calculating, calculation, calculator, calendar, calf, calfskin, caliber, calibre, call, call at, call back, call box, call center, call centre, call for, call in, call off, call on, call out, call up, caller, callous, callously, callousness, calm, calm down, calmly, calorie, camcorder, camera, cameraman, camouflage, camp, campaign, campaigner, camper, camping, campsite, campus, can, can opener, Canada, Canadian, canal, canary, cancel, cancellation, cancellation fee, Cancer, cancer, cancerous, candid, candidacy, candidate, candidly, candied, candle, candlestick, candor, candour, candy, candyfloss, cane, canister, cannabis, canned, cannibalize, canny, canoe, cantankerous, canteen, canvas, canvass, canyon, cap, capability, capable, capacity, capital, capital expenditure, capital flight, capital gain, capital growth, capital letter, capital loss, capital punishment, capitalism, capitalist, capitalize on, capitulate, capitulation, Capricorn, capsize, capsule, captain, caption, captivate, captive, captivity, capture, car, car bomb, car exhaust fumes, car ferry, car hire, car hire company, car mechanic, car park, car park attendant, car phone, car port, car radio, car seat, car wash, carafe, caramel, carat, caravan, caravan site, carbohydrate, carbon monoxide, carburetor, carcass, carcinogen, carcinogenic, card, card index, card key, card phone, cardboard, cardboard box, cardiac, cardiac arrest, cardigan, cardinal, care, care about, care for, career, careers officer, carefree, careful, carefully, careless, carelessly, carer, caress, caret, caretaker, careworn, cargo, caricature, caring, carnage, carnation, carnival, carol, carousel, carpenter, carpet, carpool, carriage, carrier, carrier bag, carrot, carry, carry on, carry out, carrycot


dйtente, dab, dabble in, dad, daddy, daddy longlegs, daffodil, daft, dagger, daily, dainty, dairy cattle, dairy farming, dairy products, dais, daisy, dam, damage, damages, damaging, damning, damp, dampen, dance, dancer, dancing, dandelion, dandruff, Dane, danger, dangerous, dangerous driving, dangerously, dangle, Danish, Danish pastry, dare, daredevil, daring, dark, dark glasses, darken, darkness, darkroom, darling, darn, dart, dartboard, darts, dartsboard, dash, dash off, dashboard, data, data capture, data carrier, data communication, data exchange, data medium, data processing, data protection, data storage, data transfer, data transmission, database, date, daughter, daughter-in-law, daunt, dawdle, day, day boy, day-by-day, day care, day dreamer, daybreak, daydream, daylight saving time, daytime, daytrip, daze, dazed, dazzle, de-ice, de-icer, de luxe, dead, dead end, dead-end job, dead heat, deaden, deadline, deadlock, deadly, deaf, deaf-and-dumb, deafen, deafening, deafness, deal, deal in, deal out, deal with, dealer, dealing, dealings, dean, dear, dearly, death, death certificate, death penalty, death toll, debatable, debate, debauchery, debit card, debris, debt, debtor, debug, debug program, debugger, debugging, decade, decadence, decadent, decaf, decaffeinated, decanter, decapitate, decay, deceased, deceit, deceitful, deceive, December, decency, decent, decentralize, deception, deceptive, deceptively, decibel, decide, decided, decider, deciduous, decimal, decimal point, decimate, decipher, decision, decision-maker, decisive, deck, deckchair, declaration, declare, decline, declutch, decode, decoder, decompose, decorate, decoration, decorative, decorator, decorum, decoy, decrease, decrepit, dedicate, dedicated, dedicated line, dedication, deduce, deduct, deduction, deed, deem, deep, deep freeze, deep fryer, deep-frozen food, deep-fry, deepen, deer, deface, defamation, defamatory, default, defeat, defeatist, defect, defective, defence, defence budget, defence lawyer, defence player


e.g., e-mail, e-mail address, each, eager, eagerly, eagerness, eagle, eagle-eyed, ear, ear-piercing, earache, eardrum, earl, earlobe, early, early bird, earmark, earn, earnest, earnings, earphones, earring, earshot, earth, earth-shattering, earthenware, earthly, earthquake, ease, ease off, easel, easily, east, Easter, Easter Day, Easter egg, Easter Monday, easterly, eastern, eastward, eastwards, easy, easy chair, easy-going, eat, eat out, eat up, eatable, eau de Cologne, eaves, eavesdrop, ebb, ebb away, ECB, eccentric, eccentricity, echo, eclipse, eco-friendly, ecological, ecologically, ecologically friendly, ecologist, ecology, economic, economic policy, economical, economically, economics, economist, economize, economize on, economy, economy class, economy drive, economy size, ecosystem, ecotourism, ecstasy, ecstatic, eczema, edge, edgeways, edgy, edible, edit, editing mode, edition, editor, editorial, educate, educated, education, educational, eel, eerie, effect, effective, effervescent, efficiency, efficient, efficiently, effluent, effort, effortless, effrontery, effusive, egalitarian, egg, egg on, egg timer, eggcup, eggplant, eggshell, ego, egocentric, egoism, egoist, Egypt, Egyptian, eiderdown, eight, eighteen, eighteenth, eighth, eightieth, eighty, eject, eke out, elaborate, elaborately, elapse, elastic, elastic band, elasticated, elasticity, Elastoplast, elated, elation, elbow, elder, elderly, eldest, elect, election, election campaign, election day, elective, elector, electoral system, electorate, electric, electric blanket, electric chair, electric razor, electrical, electrical engineer, electrical engineering, electrician, electricity, electrify, electrocute, electrode, electron, electronic, electronic data processing, electronic mail, electronic translator, electronics, elegance, elegant, elegantly, element, elementary, elementary school, elementary teacher, elephant, elevate, elevation, elevator, eleven, eleventh, eligible, eligible bachelor, eliminate, elimination, elite, ellipse, elm, elope, eloquence, eloquent, eloquently, else, elsewhere, elude, elusive, emaciated, email


faзade, fabric, fabulous, fabulously, face, face pack, face up to, face value, facecloth, facelift, facial, facilitate, facilities, fact, faction, factor, factoring, factory, faculty, fad, fade, faded, fading, Fahrenheit, fail, failing, failure, faint, faintly, fair, fairly, fairness, fairy, fairy tale, faith, faithful, faithfully, fake, fall, fall back on, fall behind, fall down, fall for, fall out, fall over, fall-out shelter, fall through, fallible, fallout, false, false alarm, false start, false teeth, falsely, falsify, fame, familiar, familiarity, familiarize, family, family doctor, family name, family planning, family planning clinic, family tree, famine, famished, famous, fan, fan club, fan mail, fanatical, fanaticism, fancy, fancy dress, fancy-dress party, fang, fantasize, fantastic, fantastically, fantasy, far, Far East, far-off, farce, fare, farewell, farewell party, farfetched, farm, farm manager, farmer, farmhouse, farming, farmworker, farmyard, farsighted, farther, farthest, fascinate, fascinating, fascination, fascism, fascist, fashion, fashion designer, fashion magazine, fashion show, fashion-conscious, fashionable, fashionably, fast, fast food, fast forward, fast lane, fast train, fasten, fastener, fastfood restaurant, fat, fatal, fatality, fatally, fate, fated, father, Father Christmas, father-in-law, fatherhood, fatherly, fathom, fathom out, fatigue, fatten, fatty, faucet, fault, faultless, faulty, favor, favorable, favorite, favorites, favoritism, favour, favourable, favourite, favourites, favouritism, fax, fax number, fear, fearless, fearlessly, feasibility study, feasible, feast, feat, feather, feature, feature film, February, federal, federation, fee, feeble, feed, feedback, feel, feel-good factor, feel up to, feeler, feeling, feline, fellow, fellow citizen, fellow countryman, fellow man, felony, felt, felt tip, felt tip pen, felt-tip pen, female, feminine, feminism, feminist, fence, fence in, fencing, fend, ferment, fermentation, fern, ferocious, ferry, fertile, fertility, fertility drug, fertilize


gab, gabble, gad about, gadget, Gaelic, gaffe, gag, gaily, gain, gala, galaxy, gale, gall bladder, gallant, gallery, galley, gallivant around, gallon, gallop, gallows, gallstone, galore, galvanize, gamble, gambler, gambling, game, game reserve, gamekeeper, gammon, gang, gang rape, gang up on, gang warfare, gangrene, gangster, gangway, gap, gape, gape at, gaping, garage, garbage, garbled, garden, garden center, garden centre, gardener, gardening, gargle, gargoyle, garish, garland, garlic, garlic bread, garment, garnish, garret, garrison, garter, gas, gas bill, gas man, gas meter, gas pedal, gas pipeline, gas station, gas stove, gash, gasket, gasoline, gasp, gastric, gastric flu, gastric juices, gastric ulcer, gastronomy, gate, gateau, gatecrash, gateway, gather, gather up, gathering, gaudy, gauge, gaunt, gauze, gawky, gay, gaze, gaze at, gear, gear lever, gear shift, gearbox, gel, gelatine, gelignite, gem, Gemini, gender, gene, general, general election, general practitioner, generalization, generalize, generally, generate, generation, generation gap, generator, generosity, generous, genetic, genetic code, genetic engineering, genetically, geneticist, genetics, genial, genitals, genius, Genoa, genocide, gentle, gentleman, gentleness, gently, gents, genuine, genuinely, geographic, geographical, geography, geological, geologist, geology, geometric, geometrical, geometry, geranium, geriatric, germ, germ warfare, German, German shepherd, Germany, germinate, gesticulate, gesture, get, get about, get along, get at, get away, get away with, get back, get by, get down, get down to, get in, get off, get off with, get on, get out, get over, get over with, get through, get-together, get up, getaway, getaway car, geyser, ghastly, gherkin, ghetto, ghost, ghost town, ghostly, ghoul, ghoulish, giant, gibberish, gibe, giblets, giddiness, giddy, gift, gift token, gift voucher, gifted, giftwrap, gig, gigabyte, gigantic, giggle, giggly, gill


habit, habitable, habitat, habitual, hack, hacker, hackneyed, haddock, haemorrhage, haggard, haggle, hail, hailstone, hailstorm, hair, hair's breadth, hair remover, hair-raising, hair spray, hair-splitting, hairbrush, haircut, hairdo, hairdresser, hairdrier, hairdryer, hairless, hairpin, hairpin bend, hairstyle, hairstylist, hairy, half, half-hearted, half time, halfway, hall, Halloween, halo, halt, halve, ham, hamburger, hammer, hammock, hamper, hamster, hand, hand down, hand in, hand luggage, hand on, hand out, hand over, handbag, handbook, handbrake, handcuff, handcuffs, handicap, handicapped, handicraft, handiwork, handkerchief, handle, handmade, handrail, hands-off, hands-on, handshake, handsome, handwriting, handwritten, handy, hang, hang about, hang glider, hang gliding, hang on, hang on to, hang up, hangar, hanger, hangover, hanker after, hankie, hanky, haphazard, happen, happening, happily, happiness, happy, happy hour, happy-go-lucky, harass, harassed, harassment, harbor, harbour, hard, hard-boiled, hard copy, hard currency, hard disk, hard drive, hard hat, hard line, hard sell, hard shoulder, hard up, hard-working, hardback, harden, hardheaded, hardhearted, hardliner, hardly, hardness, hardsell, hardship, hardware, hardware store, hardy, hare, harebrained, harm, harmful, harmless, harmonious, harmonize, harmony, harp, harp on about, harpoon, harsh, harshly, harvest, hash, hash mark, hashish, haste, hasten, hastily, hasty, hat, hatch, hatch out, hatchet, hate, hatred, haughty, haul, haulage, haulage company, haulier, haunch, haunting, have, have on, haven, havoc, hawk, hay, hay fever, hay stack, hazard, hazard lights, hazardous, hazardous waste, haze, hazel, hazelnut, hazy, he, head, head office, head-on, head teacher, headache, headband, header, headhunt, headhunter, heading, headlamp, headland, headlight, headline, headlong, headmaster, headmistress, headphones, headquarters, headrest, headroom, headscarf, headstrong, headwind, heady


I, ice, ice cream, ice cream parlor, ice cream parlour, ice cube, ice hockey, ice lolly, ice rink, ice skate, ice skating, ice up, iceberg, icebox, icebreaker, iced, iced coffee, icicle, icing, icon, icy, idea, ideal, idealistic, identical, identification, identify, identity, ideological, ideology, idiom, idiomatic, idiosyncrasy, idle, idol, idolize, idyllic, if, ignite, ignition, ignorance, ignorant, ignore, ill, ill-fated, ill-mannered, ill-natured, ill-tempered, ill will, illegal, illegible, illegitimate, illicit, illiterate, illness, illogical, illtreat, illuminate, illuminating, illusion, illustrate, illustration, illustrator, image, image-conscious, imaginable, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imagine, imitate, imitation, immaculate, immaterial, immature, immediate, immediately, immense, immerse, immersion heater, immigrant, immigrate, immigration, imminent, immobilize, immobilizer, immoderate, immoral, immorality, immortal, immortality, immune, immune system, immunity, impact, impair, impaired, impartial, impassable, impasse, impassioned, impassive, impatience, impatient, impatiently, impeach, impeccable, impeccably, impede, impediment, impending, impenetrable, imperative, imperceptible, imperfect, imperial, impersonal, impersonate, impertinence, impertinent, imperturbable, impervious, impetuous, impetus, implement, implicate, implication, implicit, implore, imply, impolite, import, importance, important, importer, impose, imposing, impossibility, impossible, impostor, impotence, impotent, impoverished, impractical, impress, impression, impressionable, impressive, imprint, imprison, imprisonment, improbable, improper, improve, improvement, improvise, impudent, impulse, impulse buy, impulsive, impunity, impure, in-house, in-joke, in-laws, in-patient, inability, inaccessible, inaccurate, inactive, inadequate, inadvisable, inanimate, inappropriate, inarticulate, inattentive, inaudible, inaugural, inaugurate, inborn, inbreeding, incalculable, incapable, incendiary device, incense, incentive, incessant, incessantly, incest, inch, incident, incidental, incidentally, incinerator, incision, incisive, incite, inclement, inclination, incline


jab, jabber, jack, jack-knife, jack up, jacket, jacket potato, jackpot, jade, jaded, jagged, jail, jam, jam on, jam-packed, janitor, January, Japan, Japanese, jar, jargon, jaundice, jaundiced, jaunt, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jaywalker, jazz, jazz up, jealous, jealously, jealousy, jeans, jeep, jeer, jelly, jelly baby, jelly bean, jellyfish, jeopardize, jeopardy, jerk, jerky, jersey, jest, Jesus, jet, jet-black, jet engine, jetlag, jettison, jetty, Jew, jewel, jeweler, jeweller, jewellery, jewelry, Jewish, jiffy, jigsaw, jigsaw puzzle, jilt, jingle, jinx, jitters, jittery, job, job centre, job creation scheme, job description, job hunt, job opportunities, job profile, job satisfaction, jobless, jockey, jog, jog along, jogger, jogging, jogging suit, join, join in, join up, joiner, joint, joint account, joint venture, joke, joker, joking, jokingly, jolly, jolt, jostle, jot down, journal, journalism, journalist, journey, jovial, joy, joystick, jubilant, jubilation, judge, judgement, Judgement Day, judgment, Judgment Day, judicial, judicious, judo, jug, juggernaut, juggle, juggler, juice, juicy, jukebox, July, jumble, jumble sale, jumble up, jumbo, jumbo jet, jumbo-sized, jump, jump at, jumper, jumpy, junction, juncture, June, jungle, junior, junior school, junk, junk food, junk mail, junk shop, junkyard, jurisdiction, juror, jury, just, justice, justifiable, justifiably, justification, justify, justly, jut out, juvenile, juvenile delinquency, juvenile delinquent


kangaroo, karate, karate chop, kebab, keel, keel over, keen, keep, keep away, keep in, keep off, keep on, keep on at, keeping, keepsake, keg, kennel, kennels, kerb, kernel, ketchup, kettle, key, key in, keyboard, keycard, keyed-up, keyhole, keynote speech, keyring, keyword, kick, kick around, kick off, kick out, kick up, kickback, kickoff, kid, kid gloves, kidder, kidnap, kidnapper, kidnapping, kidney, kidney bean, kidney machine, kill, killer, killing, killingly, kiln, kilo, kilobyte, kilogram, kilometer, kilometre, kilt, kind, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kindly, kindness, king, king-size, king-sized, kingdom, kink, kinky, kiosk, kip, kipper, kiss, kit, kitchen, kitchen sink, kitchenette, kite, kitten, kitty, knack, knead, knee, knee-length, kneecap, kneel, knick-knacks, knife, knight, knit, knit together, knitting, knitting needle, knitwear, knob, knock, knock around, knock down, knock over, knock-kneed, knockdown, knocker, knot, knotty, know, know-all, knowhow, knowing, knowingly, knowledge, knowledgeable, knuckle, knuckle down, knuckle under, Koran, Korea, Korean, kosher, kowtow, kudos


lab, label, labor, labor market, labor union, laboratory, laboratory technician, laborer, laborious, labour, labour market, Labour Party, labour ward, laboured, labourer, lace, lace up, lack, lacquer, lad, ladder, ladderproof, laden, ladies, ladies room, ladle, lady, ladybird, lag, lag behind, lager, lagoon, laidback, lake, lamb, lame, lament, laminated, laminated glass, lamp, lamppost, lampshade, land, land owner, landing, landing field, landing gear, landing strip, landlady, landlord, landmark, landscape, landslide, landslide victory, lane, language, lanky, lantern, lap, lap up, lapel, lapse, laptop, larceny, lard, larder, large, large-format screen, largely, lark, larva, laryngitis, larynx, laser, laser beam, laser printer, lash, lash down, lash out, lass, last, lasting, lastly, latch, late, lately, later, latest, lathe, lather, Latin, Latin America, Latin American, latitude, latter, laugh, laugh at, laughing stock, laughter, launch, launch ceremony, launch pad, launching pad, launder, launderette, laundry, laurel, lavatory, lavender, lavish, law, law-abiding, law court, lawful, lawless, lawn, lawn mower, lawsuit, lawyer, lax, laxative, lay-by, lay-off, layer, layman, laze around, lazy, lead, lead-free, lead on, lead up to, leaded, leader, leadership, leaf, leaf through, leaflet, league, leak, leak out, leaky, lean, leap, leap year, learn, learner, learner driver, learning, learning curve, lease, lease out, lease purchase, leash, least, leather, leave, leave behind, leave on, leaving party, lecture, lecture hall, lecturer, ledge, ledger, leek, leer, left, left-hand, left-hand drive, left-handed, left-overs, left-wing, leg, leg room, legacy, legal, legal adviser, legality, legalize, legend, legendary, legible, legislate, legislation, legislative, legislature, legitimate, leisure, leisure center, leisure centre, leisure time, leisurely, lemon, lemon juice, lemon tea, lemonade, lend, length, lengthen, lengthy


ma'am, machine, machine gun, machine translation, machine-readable, machinery, machismo, macho, mackintosh, macro, mad, mad cow disease, madam, madden, maddening, made-to-measure, madly, Madonna, Mafia, magazine, maggot, Magi, magic, magic spell, magic trick, magic wand, magical, magician, magistrate, magnanimous, magnet, magnetic, magnetic stripe, magnetism, magnificence, magnificent, magnify, magnifying glass, magnitude, mahogany, maid, maiden speech, maiden voyage, mail, mail-order catalog, mail-order catalogue, mail-order firm, mailbox, mailing list, mailman, mailshot, maim, main, main course, main entrance, main memory, main road, main street, mainframe, mainframe computer, mainland, mainly, maintain, maintenance, maintenance costs, maintenance staff, majestic, majesty, major, majority, make, make-believe, make for, make off, make out, make over, make up, make up for, make-up, make-up bag, maker, makeshift, maladjusted, male, male nurse, malevolent, malfunction, malice, malicious, malignant, mall, malnutrition, malpractice, malt whisky, maltreat, maltreatment, mammal, mammoth, man, manage, manageable, management, manager, managerial, mandate, mandatory, mane, mangle, manhandle, manhood, manhunt, mania, manicure, manifest, manipulate, manipulation, manipulative, mankind, manly, manner, manners, manoeuvre, manor, manpower, mansion, manslaughter, mantelpiece, manual, manually, manufacture, manufacturer, manufacturing, manure, manuscript, many, map, map out, maple, mar, marathon, marble, March, march, marcher, mare, margarine, margin, marginal, marginally, marina, marinade, marinate, marine, marital, marital status, maritime, marjoram, mark, mark down, mark out, mark up, mark-up, marked, marker, market, market economy, market forces, market leader, market research, market share, market-place, marketable, marketing, marketing campaign, marketing department, marketing mix, marketing strategy, marmalade, marquee, marriage, marriage certificate, marriage guidance counsellor, married, married life, marry, marsh, marshal, marshmallow, marshy, martial arts, martial law, martyr, martyred, marvel, marvel at, marvellous, marvelous, Marxism, Marxist, marzipan


nab, nag, nagging, nail, nail clippers, nail file, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail scissors, nail varnish, naive, naked, name, namely, namesake, nametag, nanny, nap, nape, napkin, Naples, nappy, narcotic, narrate, narration, narrative, narrator, narrow, narrow-minded, narrowly, nasal, nasty, nation, national, national anthem, national currency, national debt, national park, nationalism, nationality, nationalize, native, native country, natural, natural gas, natural science, natural scientist, naturalist, naturalize, naturally, nature, nature reserve, naughty, nausea, nauseate, nauseating, nauseous, nautical, nautical mile, naval, naval base, navel, navigable, navigate, navigation, navigator, navy, navy blue, near, near-sighted, nearby, nearly, neat, necessarily, necessary, necessitate, necessity, neck, necklace, neckline, need, needle, needlework, needy, negative, neglect, neglected, negligence, negligent, negligible, negotiable, negotiate, negotiation, negotiator, neigh, neighbor, neighborhood, neighboring, neighborly, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbouring, neighbourly, neon light, nephew, nerve, nerve-racking, nervous, nervous breakdown, nervous energy, nervous wreck, nervousness, nest, nestle, Net, net, net curtain, net profit, netiquette, nettle, network, neurologist, neurosis, neurotic, neuter, neutral, neutrality, neutralize, never, never-ending, nevertheless, new, new moon, new year, New Year's Day, New Year's Eve, New Zealand, New Zealander, newborn, newcomer, newly, newly weds, news, news agency, news flash, news report, newsagent, newscast, newscaster, newsgroup, newspaper, newsreader, newsstand, newsvendor, next, next door, next of kin, nibble, nice, niche, nick, nickname, niece, niggardly, night, night flight, night porter, night school, night shift, nightcap, nightclub, nightdress, nightfall, nightgown, nightie, nightingale, nightlife, nightly, nightmare, nightshirt, nightspot, nighttime, nil, nimble, nine, nineteen, nineteenth, ninetieth, ninety, ninth, nip, nipple, nitrogen, no, no-hoper, no-nonsense, nobility, noble, nobody, nod


oak, oar, oasis, oath, oatmeal, oats, obedience, obedient, obediently, obese, obesity, obey, obituary, object, object to, objection, objectionable, objective, objectively, objectivity, obligation, obligatory, oblige, obliging, oblique, obliterate, oblivion, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, obscene, obscenity, obscure, obscurity, observance, observant, observation, observatory, observe, observer, obsess, obsession, obsessive, obsolete, obstacle, obstetrician, obstetrics, obstinacy, obstinate, obstinately, obstruct, obstruction, obstructive, obtain, obtainable, obtrusive, obtuse, obvious, obviously, occasion, occasional, occasionally, occult, occupant, occupation, occupational therapist, occupational therapy, occupy, occur, occurrence, ocean, oceanographer, oceanography, October, octopus, odd, odds, odds and ends, odds-on, odious, odor, odour, of, off-licence, off-line, off-peak, off-season, off-the-record, off-white, offal, offence, offend, offender, offensive, offer, offhand, office, office block, office hours, officer, official, officially, officiate, officious, offline, offset, offshore, offside, offspring, often, oil, oil change, oil company, oil-fired, oil painting, oil-producing country, oil refinery, oil rig, oil slick, oil tanker, oil well, oilcloth, oilfield, oilskins, oily, ointment, old, old age, old-fashioned, olive, olive oil, on-the-job training, one-sided, one-way street, one-way ticket, onion, online, onlooker, only, onset, onside, onto, onwards, ooze, opaque, open, open-air, open-ended, open-minded, open ticket, open up, opening, opening hours, opening of the stock market, openly, opera, opera glasses, opera house, opera singer, operate, operating instructions, operating system, operation, operator, opinion, opinion poll, opponent, opportune, opportunist, opportunity, oppose, opposite, opposite number, opposition, oppress, oppressive, opt, optical illusion, optician, optics, optimism, optimist, optimistic, optimistically, optimum, option, optional, optional extras, or, oral, orange, orange juice, orange squash, orangeade, orator, orbit, orchard, orchestra, orchid, ordain


pace, pacemaker, Pacific, pacifism, pacifist, pacify, pack, package, package deal, package insert, package tour, packaging, packed, packet, pact, pad, padded, padding, paddle, paddling pool, paddock, padlock, page, page break, pager, paid employment, pail, pain, painful, painfully, painkiller, painless, painstaking, paint, paintbrush, painter, painting, paintwork, pair, Pakistan, Pakistani, pal, palace, palate, palatial, pale, Palestine, Palestinian, palette, pallet, pallor, palm, palpitations, paltry, pamper, pamphlet, pan, pan out, panda, pandemonium, pander to, pane, panel, panelling, pang, panic, panic-stricken, panorama, panoramic, pansy, pant, panties, pants, pantyhose, papal, paper, paper bag, paper clip, paper cup, paper source, paperback, paperwork, par, parachute, parachutist, parade, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, paradoxically, paragraph, paragraph mark, parallel, paralyse, paralysis, paramedic, parameter, paramilitary, paramount, paranoia, paranoid, paraphernalia, paraphrase, paraplegic, parasite, parasol, paratrooper, parcel, parcel up, parch, pardon, pare, parent, parent company, parent-teacher association, parental, parish, park, parka, parking, parking brake, parking disc, parking lot, parking meter, parking place, parking ticket, parliament, parliamentary, parole, parrot, parsley, part, part exchange, part of speech, part owner, part-time, part-timer, part with, partial, partially, participant, participate, participation, particle, particular, particularly, parting, partition, partition off, partly, partner, partnership, party, pass, pass around, pass away, pass by, pass mark, pass on, pass out, pass through, pass up, passable, passage, passageway, passenger, passenger seat, passer-by, passion, passionate, passive, Passover, passport, passport control, password, past, past participle, past tense, pasta, paste, pastel, pastime, pastrami, pastry, pasty, pat, patch, patch up, patchwork, patchy, patent, patent leather, patently, paternal, paternalism, paternalistic, paternity, path, pathetic, pathname


quack, quadrangle, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplets, quads, quagmire, quail, quaint, quake, qualification, qualified, qualify, quality, quality control, quandary, quantify, quantity, quantum physics, quarantine, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarry, quart, quarter, quarter-final, quarter-finalist, quarterly, quarters, quartet, quartz, quash, quaver, quay, quayside, queasy, queen, queen bee, queer, queerly, quell, quench, query, quest, question, question mark, questionable, questioner, questioning, questionnaire, queue, queue-jumper, quibble, quick, quickie, quickly, quicksand, quicksilver, quickwitted, quid, quiet, quieten down, quietly, quietness, quilt, quilted, quinine, quintet, quip, quirk, quirky, quit, quite, quits, quitter, quiver, quiz, quiz master, quiz program, quiz programme, quota, quotation, quotation marks, quote


rйsumй, rabbi, rabbit, rabble, rabble-rouser, rabies, race, race relations, racecourse, racehorse, racetrack, racial, racing, racing car, racing driver, racism, racist, rack, racket, radar, radar screen, radial tire, radial tyre, radiance, radiant, radiate, radiation, radiator, radical, radicalism, radically, radio, radio alarm, radio station, radio taxi, radioactive, radioactive waste, radioactivity, radiographer, radiography, radiotherapy, radish, radius, raffle, raft, rafter, rag, rage, ragged, raid, raider, rail, railings, railway, railway line, railway station, rain, rain forest, rainbow, raincoat, raindrop, rainfall, rainforest, rainproof, rainstorm, rainy, raise, raisin, rake, rake up, rally, ram, ramble, rambler, rambling, ramp, rampage, rampant, rampart, ramshackle, ranch, rancid, rancour, random, randy, rank, rank among, rankle, ransack, ransom, ransom money, rant, rap, rap at, rape, rape victim, rapid, rapidity, rapidly, rapids, rapist, rapport, rapture, rapturous, rare, rarely, rarity, rascal, rash, rasher, rashly, raspberry, rat, rat race, rate, rather, ratification, ratify, rating, ratings, ratio, ration, rational, rationality, rationalization, rationalize, rationally, rattle, rattle off, rattle through, rattlesnake, raucous, ravage, rave, rave review, raven, ravenous, ravenously, ravine, ravioli, ravishing, raw, raw material, ray, raze, razor, razor blade, re-count, re-elect, re-election, re-entry, re-train, reach, reach out, react, reaction, reactionary, reactor, read, read out, read-only file, read-only memory, readable, reader, readily, readiness, reading, reading matter, readjust, ready, ready cash, ready-made, ready-to-wear, real, real estate, real time, real-time, realism, realist, realistic, realistically, reality, realization, realize, really, reap, reappear, reappearance, rear, rear end, rear-end, rear light, rear-view mirror, rearm, rearmost, rearrange, reason, reasonable, reasonably, reasoning


sabbatical, sabotage, saboteur, saccharin, sachet, sack, sacred, sacrifice, sacrilege, sad, saddle, sadism, sadist, sadistic, sadly, sadness, safe, safeguard, safely, safety, safety belt, safety first, safety pin, sag, saga, sage, Sagittarius, sail, sailboard, sailboarding, sailing, sailing boat, sailing ship, sailor, saint, salad, salad dressing, salary, salary scale, sale, sales, sales assistant, sales clerk, sales figures, sales manager, sales woman, salesman, salient, saliva, salmon, saloon, salt, salt water, salt-water fish, saltcellar, salty, salutary, salute, salvage, salvation, Salvation Army, same, sample, sanatorium, sanctimonious, sanction, sanctity, sanctuary, sand, sand dune, sandal, sandbag, sandblast, sander, sandpaper, sandstone, sandwich, sandy, sane, sanitary, sanitary towel, sanitation, sanity, Santa Claus, sap, sapphire, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcastically, sardine, Sardinia, Sardinian, sardonic, sardonically, sash, Satan, satchel, satellite, satellite dish, satellite TV, satin, satire, satirical, satirist, satirize, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfy, Saturday, sauce, saucepan, saucer, saucy, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabian, sauna, saunter, sausage, savage, savagery, save, saver, saving, savings, savings account, savings bank, savior, saviour, savour, savoury, saw, sawdust, saxophone, say, saying, scab, scaffolding, scald, scale, scale down, scale drawing, scales, scallop, scalp, scalpel, scam, scampi, scandal, scandalize, scandalous, Scandinavia, scanner, scanning, scant, scantily, scanty, scapegoat, scarce, scarcely, scarcity, scare, scare away, scarecrow, scaremonger, scarf, scarlet, scarlet fever, scary, scathing, scatter, scatterbrained, scattered, scatty, scavenge, scavenger, scenario, scene, scenery, scent, sceptic, sceptical, sceptically, scepticism, schedule, scheduled flight, scheme, scheming, schizophrenia, schizophrenic, scholar, scholarly, scholarship, school, school bag, school days, schoolboy, schoolchildren, schoolgirl, schoolmaster, schoolmate


T-shirt, tab, tab key, table, table lamp, table of contents, table tennis, tablecloth, tablespoon, tablet, tabloid, taboo, tabulator, tacit, taciturn, tack, tacky, tact, tactful, tactfully, tactical, tactics, tactless, tadpole, tag, tag along, tail, tail coat, tail light, tailback, tailor, tailor-made, tailwind, tainted, Taiwan, Taiwanese, take, take after, take apart, take away, take back, take down, take-home pay, take in, take off, take on, take out, take over, take to, take up, takeaway, takeoff, takeover, takings, talcum powder, tale, talent, talented, talk, talk back, talk down to, talk over, talk show, talkative, talking-to, tall, tall order, tall story, tally, tally with, tame, tamper with, tampon, tan, tandem, tangent, tangerine, tangible, tangle, tangle up, tango, tank, tanker, tanned, Tannoy, tantalizing, tantamount, tantrum, tap, tap dance, tap into, tape, tape deck, tape drive, tape measure, tape recorder, tape recording, taper, taper off, tapestry, tapeworm, tar, target, target audience, target date, target figure, target group, target language, target market, tariff, tarmac, tarnish, tarpaulin, tart, tartan, task, task force, tassel, taste, taste buds, tasteful, tastefully, tasteless, tasting, tasty, tattered, tatters, tattoo, tatty, taunt, Taurus, taut, tawdry, tax, tax advantage, tax avoidance, tax bracket, tax code, tax deductible, tax disc, tax evasion, tax-free, tax haven, tax increase, tax inspector, tax loophole, tax payer, tax privilege, tax rate, tax reform, tax return, tax year, taxable income, taxation, taxation system, taxi, taxi driver, taxi rank, taxi stand, taxing, taxman, tea, tea cloth, tea drinker, tea leaf, tea service, tea set, tea strainer, tea towel, teabag, teach, teacher, teacher training, teaching, teaching aid, teacup, teak, team, team mate, team spirit, teamwork, teapot, tear, tear down, tear gas, tear out, tear up, teardrop, tearful, tearoom, tease, teaspoon, teat, technical, technicality, technically, technician, technique, technological, technology


U-turn, ugly, UK, ulcer, ultimate, ultimately, ultimatum, ultrasound, ultraviolet, umbilical cord, umbrella, umpire, umpteen, unable, unacceptable, unaccountable, unaccustomed, unadulterated, unanimity, unanimous, unanimously, unapproachable, unarmed, unassuming, unattached, unattended, unauthorized, unavoidable, unavoidably, unaware, unawares, unbalanced, unbearable, unbeatable, unbeaten, unbelievable, unbiased, unbiassed, unblock, unborn, unbreakable, unbutton, uncalled-for, uncanny, unceasing, uncertain, uncertainty, unchecked, uncle, uncomfortable, uncommon, uncompromising, unconcerned, unconditional, unconscious, uncontrollable, unconventional, uncooperative, uncork, uncover, undamaged, undaunted, undecided, undelete, undeniable, undeniably, under, underage, underarm, undercarriage, undercover, undercut, underdog, underdone, underestimate, underexposed, underfed, undergo, undergraduate, underground, undergrowth, underhand, underlie, underline, underlying, undermine, underneath, underpants, underpass, underprivileged, underrate, undershirt, undersized, underskirt, understaffed, understand, understandable, understandably, understanding, understatement, undertake, undertaking, undervalue, underwear, underweight, underworld, underwrite, undeserved, undesirable, undisputed, undo, undoubtedly, undreamt-of, undress, undue, unduly, unearth, unearthly, uneasy, uneatable, uneconomic, uneducated, unemployed, unemployment, unemployment rate, unending, unequal, unerring, uneven, unevenly, uneventful, unexpected, unexpectedly, unfair, unfaithful, unfamiliar, unfasten, unfavourable, unfeeling, unfinished, unfit, unflappable, unfold, unforeseen, unforgettable, unforgivable, unfortunate, unfortunately, unfounded, unfreeze, unfriendly, unfurnished, ungodly, ungrateful, unhappiness, unhappy, unharmed, unhealthy, unheard-of, unhide, unhoped-for, unhurt, unhygienic, unification, uniform, unify, unilateral, unimaginable, unimaginative, unimportant, uninhabitable, uninhabited, uninjured, uninstall, unintelligible, unintentional, unintentionally, uninteresting, uninterrupted, union, unique, unit, unit cost, unite, united, United Kingdom, United Nations, United States, United States of America, unity, universal, universally, universe, university, unjust, unkempt, unkind, unknown, unleaded, unlike


V-neck, V-sign, vacancy, vacant, vacantly, vacate, vacation, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccine, vacuum, vacuum cleaner, vacuum flask, vacuum-packed, vagabond, vagina, vaginal, vagrant, vague, vaguely, vain, valet, valiant, valiantly, valid, validate, validity, valley, valuable, valuation, value, value-added tax, valve, van, vandal, vandalism, vandalize, vanguard, vanilla, vanish, vanity, vantage point, vapor, vaporize, vapour, vapour trail, variable, variant, variation, varicose vein, varied, variety, various, varnish, vary, vase, vasectomy, vast, vastly, Vatican, vaudeville, vault, VCR, veal, veer, veg, vegan, vegetable, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetation, vehemence, vehement, vehemently, vehicle, veil, vein, Velcro, velocity, velvet, velvety, vendetta, vending machine, vendor, veneer, venerable, venerate, veneration, venereal disease, Venetian, venetian blind, vengeance, Venice, venison, venom, venomous, vent, ventilate, ventilation, ventilation shaft, ventilator, ventriloquist, venture, venture capital, venture capitalist, venue, veranda, verb, verbal, verbally, verbatim, verdict, verge, verge on, verification, verify, vermicelli, vermin, vermouth, vernacular, versatile, versatility, verse, versed, version, versus, vertebra, vertebrate, vertical, vertigo, very, vessel, vest, vestige, vet, veteran, veterinary surgeon, veto, vex, vexed, via, viable, vibrate, vibration, vicar, vicarage, vice, vice president, vice squad, vice versa, vicious, vicious circle, viciously, victim, victimize, victor, victorious, victory, video, video camera, video cassette, video conference, video game, video recorder, video recording, videophone, videotape, videotape library, vie, Vietnam, Vietnamese, view, viewer, viewfinder, viewpoint, vigorous, vigorously, vigour, vile, villa, village, villager, villain, vindicate, vindictive, vindictively, vine, vinegar, vineyard, vintage, viola, violate, violation, violence, violent, violently, violet, violin, violinist, viper


wad, waddle, wade, wade through, wafer, wafer-thin, waffle, wage, wage earner, wage freeze, wage negotiations, wage packet, waggle, waggon, wagon, wail, waist, waistcoat, waistline, wait, wait for, wait on, wait up, waiter, waiting, waiting list, waiting room, waitress, waive, Wales, walk, walk out, walk out on, walkabout, walker, walkie-talkie, walking, walking stick, walking tour, Walkman, walkout, walkover, wall, wall-to-wall, wallet, wallop, wallpaper, walnut, waltz, wan, wander, wander around, wane, wangle, want, want ad, wanted, wanting, wanton, war, warble, ward, ward off, warden, warder, wardrobe, warehouse, warfare, warhead, warily, warm, warm boot, warm up, warm-up, warmhearted, warmly, warmth, warn, warning, warp, warped, warplane, warrant, warranty, warrior, warship, wart, wartime, wary, wash, wash up, washable, washbasin, washbowl, washed out, washer, washing, washing machine, washing powder, washing-up, washing-up liquid, wasp, waste, waste away, waste disposal, waste disposal unit, waste product, wasteful, wasteland, wastepaper, wastepaper basket, watch, watch for, watch out, watch out for, watchdog, watchful, watchmaker, water, water cannon, water down, water level, water lily, water main, water mark, water melon, water pollution, watercolor, watercolour, watercress, watered down, waterfall, watering can, waterlogged, waterproof, watershed, waterside, waterskiing, watertight, waterway, waterwings, waterworks, watery, watt, wave, wavelength, waver, wavy, wax, way, way in, way of life, way out, we, weak, weaken, weakling, weakness, wealth, wealthy, weapon, wear, wear away, wear down, wear off, wear out, wearily, wearing, weary, weather, weather forecast, weather-beaten, weatherman, weave, web, Web page, Web site, webbed feet, wedding, wedding anniversary, wedding cake, wedding day, wedding dress, wedding ring, wedge, Wednesday, wee, weed, weed-killer, weed out, weedy, week, weekday, weekend, weekly, weep, weepy, weigh, weigh down, weigh on


X-ray, xenophobia, xylophone


yacht, yachting, yachtsman, yank, yap, yard, yardstick, yarn, yawn, year, yearly, yearn, yearn for, yearning, yeast, yell, yellow, yellow pages, yelp, yen, yes, yesterday, yet, yield, yoga, yoghurt, yolk, you, young, youngster, your, yourself, youth, youth club, youth hostel, youthful, Yugoslavia, Yugoslavian, yuppie


zap, zap along, zapped, zapper, zappy, zeal, zebra, zebra crossing, zero, zero growth, zero in on, zest, zigzag, zilch, zinc, zip, zip code, zip up, zodiac, zone, zoo, zoological, zoologist, zoology, zoom, zoom in on, zoom lens, zucchini

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