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aback, abacus, abandon, abandoned, abandonment, abase, abash, abate, abatement, abbess, abbey, abbot, abbreviate, abbreviation, ABC, abdicate, abdication, abdomen, abdominal, abduct, abet, abettor, abhor, abhorrence, abhorrent, abide, abiding, ability, abject, ablaze, able, able-bodied, abnegate, abnegation, abnormal, abnormality, aboard, abode, abolish, abolition, abominable, abominate, aboriginal, aborigines, abort, abortion, abortive, abound, about, above, aboveboard, abreast, abridge, abridged, abridgement, abridgment, abroad, abrogate, abrogation, abrupt, abscond, absence, absent, absent-minded, absentee, absolute, absolution, absorb, absorption, abstain, abstention, abstinent, abstract, abstracted, abstraction, abstruse, absurd, absurdity, abundance, abundant, abuse, abusive, abut, abysmal, abyss, academic, academy, accede, accelerate, acceleration, accelerator, accent, accentuate, accept, acceptable, acceptance, access, access key, accessible, accession, accessories, accessory, accident, accidental, accidentally, acclaim, acclamation, acclimatization, acclimatize, acclivity, accommodating, accommodation, accompany, accomplice, accomplish, accomplished, accomplishment, accord, accordant, accordingly, accost, account, accountable, accountant, accounting, accredit, accredited, accretion, accrue, accumulate, accumulation, accuracy, accurate, accursed, accurst, accusation, accusative, accuse, accuser, accustom, accustomed, ace, acerbity, acetic, acetone, ache, achieve, achievement, acid, acidity, acknowledge, acknowledgement, acknowledgements, acknowledgment, acknowledgments, acne, acorn, acoustics, acquaint, acquaintance, acquiesce, acquire, acquirement, acquisition, acquisition cost, acquisitive, acquit, acquittal, acre, acrid, across, acting, action, activate, active, activity, actor, actress, actual, actuality, actualize, actually, actuate, acute, adapt, adapter, add, adder, addicted, addition, additional, address, addressee, adenoids, adequacy, adequate, adhere, adherence, adherent, adhesion


babble, baboon, baby, babyhood, bachelor, back, back-seat, backache, backbencher, backbite, backbiting, backbone, backchat, backdate, backer, backfire, background, backlash, backpay, backpedal, backside, backslash, backslide, backstage, backstairs, backtrack, backup, backward, backwash, backwater, backyard, bacon, bacteriological, bad, bad-tempered, badge, badger, badlands, badness, baffle, baffling, bag, bagatelle, bagpipe, bail, bailiff, bait, bake, baker, bakery, baking, balance, balcony, bald, baldachin, baldness, bale, baleful, balk, ball, ball-bearing, ballad, ballast, ballet, balloon, ballot, ballot box, ballroom, balm, balmy, baloney, balsam, bamboozle, ban, band, bandage, bandit, bandmaster, bandstand, bandy, baneful, bang, bang-up, bangle, banish, banishment, banisters, bank, bank credit, bank holiday, bank loan, banker, banking, bankrupt, bankruptcy, banner, banquet, banter, baptism, baptist, baptize, bar, barb, barbarian, barbarous, barbecue, barbed, barber, bare, bare-headed, barefaced, barefooted, bargain, barge, bark, barley, barn, barometer, barometric, barometrical, baron, baroness, barracks, barrage, barrel organ, barren, barricade, barrier, barring, barrister, barrow, bartender, barter, base, baseless, basement, baseness, bashful, basic, basically, basin, basis, basket, basketball, bass, baste, bat, batch, bath, bathe, bathing, bathrobe, bathroom, bathtub, baton, battalion, batten, batter, battered, battery, battery-operated, battle, battleaxe, battlefield, battlements, battleship, baulk, bawdy, bawl, bay, bayonet, bazaar, be, beach, beachwear, beacon, bead, beak, beam, beaming, bean, bear, bearable, beard, bearer, bearing, beast, beastly, beat, beaten, beating, beatitude, beautician, beautiful, beautifully, beautify, beauty, beaver, becalm, because


cab, cabbage, cabin, cabinet, cable, cable TV, cablegram, caboose, cabstand, cacao, cache, cackle, cactus, cad, cadence, cadet, caesarian, café, cafeteria, cage, cagey, cajole, cake, calamitous, calamity, calcify, calculate, calculation, calculator, calendar, calf, calfskin, caliber, calibrate, calibre, Californian, call, callbox, caller, calling, calling card, callous, callousness, callow, callus, calm, calorie, calumniate, calumniation, calumny, calve, camber, camel, camera, camomile, camouflage, camp, campaign, camper, camping, Canadian, canal, canalization, canalize, canary, cancel, cancellation, cancer, cancerous, candid, candidate, candied, candle, candlestick, candor, candour, candy, cane, canine, canister, cannabis, canned, cannery, cannibal, cannon, cannonade, canon, canonize, canopy, cant, cantankerous, canteen, cantilever, canvas, caoutchouc, cap, capability, capable, capacious, capacity, cape, caper, capital, capitalism, capitalist, capitalize, capitulate, capitulation, caprice, capricious, capsize, capsule, captain, caption, captious, captivate, captive, captivity, capture, car, caramel, caravan, caraway, carbine, carbohydrate, carbon, carbon copy, carburetor, carburettor, carcase, carcass, carcinogenic, carcinoma, card, card-sharp, card-sharper, cardboard, cardiac, cardigan, cardinal, care-worn, career, carefree, careful, carefulness, careless, carelessness, caress, caret, caretaker, cargo, caricature, carmine, carnage, carnation, carnival, carnivore, carnivorous, carouse, carousel, carp, carpenter, carpentry, carpet, carpet sweeper, carriage, carriage road, carriage-paid, carriageway, carrier, carrion, carrot, carry, cart, carter, cartilage, carton, cartoon, cartridge, cartwheel, carve, carver, carving, cascade, casement, cash card, cash cow, cash settlement, cashbook, cashier, cashless, cashpoint, casing, cask, casket, casserole, cassette, castanet, castaway, caste


détente, dabbler, dad, daddy, daddy-longlegs, daffodil, dagger, daily, dainty, dairy, daisy, dalliance, dally, dam, damage, damaging, damask, dame, damn, damnation, damp, damper, dance, dancer, dancing, dandelion, dandle, dandruff, dandy, Dane, danger, dangerous, dangle, Danish, dank, dapple-grey, dappled, dare, daredevil, daring, dark, dark horse, darken, darkness, darling, darn, dart, dash, dashboard, dashing, dastardly, data, data carrier, data communication, data medium, data transmission, daub, daughter, daunt, dauntless, dawdle, dawdler, dawn, day, day-care centre, day off, daybreak, daylight, daytime, daze, dazed, dazzle, dazzling, de-escalate, de-escalation, de-ice, dead, dead end, dead loss, deaden, deadline, deadlock, deadly, deaf, deafen, deafness, dealer, dealing, dean, dear, death, death duty, deathbed, deathless, deathly, debar, debase, debasement, debatable, debate, debauch, debauched, debauchery, debilitate, debit, debris, debt, debtor, debug, debug program, debunk, decade, decadence, decadent, decaf, decaffeinated, decamp, decant, decanter, decapitate, decapitation, decay, decease, deceit, deceitful, deceive, deceiver, decelerate, deceleration, December, decency, decent, deception, deceptive, decided, decimal, decipher, decision, decisive, deck, deckchair, declaim, declarable, declaration, declare, declension, declination, decline, declivity, declutch, decode, decoder, decompose, decontrol, decorate, decoration, decorative, decorator, decorous, decorum, decrease, decree, decrepit, decry, dedicate, dedicated, dedicated line, dedication, deduce, deduct, deduction, deed, deem, deep, deep-freeze, deep-seated, deepen, deepness, deer, deerskin, deface, defamation, defame, default, defeat, defect, defective, defector, defence, defenceless, defend, defendant, defender, defensible, defensive, defer, deference, deferential, defiance, defiant


e-mail, each, eager, eagerness, eagle, ear, ear-deafening, eardrum, earl, early, early retirement, earn, earnest, earnings, earphones, earpiece, earring, earshot, earth, earthen, earthenware, earthly, earthquake, earthworm, earthy, ease, easel, easily, easiness, east, Easter, eastern, eastward, easy, easy-going, easygoing, eat, eatable, eaves, eavesdrop, ebony, ebullience, ebullient, eccentric, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, echo, eclipse, ecological, ecologist, ecology, economic, economical, economics, economist, economize, economy, ecstasy, ecstatic, eddy, edge, edged, edging, edgy, edible, edification, edifice, edifying, edit, editing mode, edition, editor, editorial, educate, education, educational, educator, eel, efface, effect, effective, effectual, effervescence, effervescent, effete, efficacious, efficacy, efficiency, efficient, effigy, efflorescence, effluent, effort, effortless, effrontery, effulgent, effusion, effusive, effusiveness, eggcup, egghead, eggplant, eggshell, eggwhisk, ego, egocentric, egocentrical, egoism, egoist, egoistical, egregious, egress, Egyptian, eight, eighteen, eighteenth, eightfold, eighth, eightieth, eighty, either, ejaculate, ejaculation, eject, elaborate, elaboration, elapse, elastic, elasticity, elated, elation, elbow, elder, elderly, eldest, election, electioneer, elector, electoral, electorate, electric, electrical, electrician, electricity, electrify, electrize, electrocute, electromagnet, electromotor, electron, electronic, electronic mail, electronic translator, electronics, electroplate, elegance, elegant, element, elemental, elementary, elephant, elevation, elevator, eleven, elevenses, eleventh, elfin, elicit, eligible, eliminate, elimination, elk, ellipse, elm, elocution, elongate, elongation, elope, elopement, eloquence, eloquent, else, elsewhere, elucidate, elucidation, elude, elusive, elusory, emaciated, email, emanate, emanation, emancipate, emancipation, embalm, embank, embankment, embargo, embark, embarkation


fable, fabric, fabricate, fabrication, fabulous, facade, face, face-lift, face-lifting, face-to-face, facecloth, facelift, facetious, facile, facilitate, facilities, facility, facing, fact, faction, factitious, factor, factory, faculty, fad, fade, fagged, fail, failing, failure, faint, fair, fairly, fairness, fairway, fairy, faith, faithful, faithfulness, faithless, falcon, fall, fall guy, fallacious, fallacy, fallible, falling, falling star, fallout, fallow, false, false alarm, falsehood, falseness, falsification, falsify, falsity, falter, fame, famed, familiar, familiarity, familiarize, family, famine, famous, famously, fan, fanatic, fancied, fanciful, fancy, fancy-free, fancywork, fantastic, fantasy, far, far-fetched, far-off, far-out, far-reaching, far-sighted, faraway, fare, farewell, farfetched, farm, farmer, farmhand, farmhouse, farming, farmyard, farthest, fascinate, fascination, Fascism, Fascist, fashion, fashionable, fast, fasten, fastener, fastidious, fastness, fat, fatal, fatality, fatally, fate, fateful, father, fatherhood, fatherless, fatherly, fathom, fathomless, fatigue, fatness, fatten, faucet, fault, faultfinder, faultless, faulty, favor, favorable, favorite, favorites, favour, favourable, favourite, favourites, fawn, fax, fax machine, fax number, faze, fear, fearful, fearfulness, fearless, fearsome, feasibility, feasible, feast, feat, feather, featherweight, feathery, feature, February, fecund, federal, federalism, federalize, federation, federative, feeble, feed, feedback, feeder, feel, feeler, feeling, feign, feint, felicitate, felicitous, felicity, fell, felloe, fellow, fellowship, felon, felony, felt, female, feminine, feminism, feminist, fen, fence, fencing, fend, fender, fennel, ferment, fermentation, fern, ferocious, ferocity, ferret, ferry, ferryboat, ferryman, fertile, fertility, fertilize, fertilizer, fervent


gab, gabble, gable, gadfly, gadget, gag, gage, gaiety, gain, gainful, gainsay, gait, gala, galaxy, gale, gall, gallant, gallantry, gallery, galley, gallon, gallop, gallows, gallstone, galore, gamble, gambler, gambol, game, gamekeeper, gammy, gamut, gander, gang, gangplank, gangster, gangway, gap, gaping, garage, garb, garbage, garden, gardening, gargle, gargoyle, garish, garland, garlic, garment, garnish, garret, garrison, garrulous, gas, gaseous, gash, gaslight, gasmask, gasoline, gasometer, gasp, gasworks, gate, gatekeeper, gateman, gateway, gather, gathering, gaudy, gauge, gaunt, gauntlet, gauze, gawk, gawky, gay, gaze, gazette, GDP, gee, gem, gender, general, generality, generalize, generate, generation, generative, generator, generosity, generous, genetic engineering, genetically modified, genial, genitive, genius, gent, genteel, gentile, gentle, gentleman, gentlemanlike, gentlemanly, gentleness, gentry, genuine, geographic, geographical, geography, geological, geologist, geology, geometric, geometrical, geometry, germ, German, germinate, gerund, gesticulate, gesticulation, gesture, get, get-together, getaway, getup, ghastly, gherkin, ghost, ghostlike, ghostly, giant, gibber, gibbet, gibe, giblets, giddiness, giddy, gift, gifted, gigantic, giggle, gild, gill, gilt, gimlet, gimmick, gimmickry, gin, ginger, gingerbread, gingerly, gird, girder, girdle, girl, girlhood, girlish, girth, gist, give, given, given name, glacial, glacier, glad, gladden, glade, gladness, glamor, glamorous, glamour, glance, gland, glare, glaring, glass, glassy, glaze, glazed, glazier, gleam, glean, glee, gleeful, glen, glib, glide, glider, gliding, glimpse, glint, glisten, glitter, gloat, global, globe, gloom, gloominess


H-bomb, haberdasher, haberdashery, habit, habitable, habitation, habitual, habitually, hacker, hackneyed, hacksaw, haddock, haggard, haggle, hail, hailstone, hailstorm, hair, hair-dryer, hair-raising, hair-splitting, haircut, hairdo, hairdresser, hairless, hairpiece, hairpin, hairspray, hairstyle, hairy, hale, half, half-hearted, half moon, half-mast, half time, halfpenny, halfway, halibut, hall, hallmark, hallow, hallowed, hallucinate, hallucination, hallucinatory, hallway, halo, halt, halting, halve, ham, hamburger, hamlet, hammer, hammock, hamper, hand, hand luggage, handbag, handbill, handbook, handbrake, handcuffs, handful, handicraft, handiwork, handkerchief, handlebar, handrail, handsaw, handshake, handsome, handwork, handwriting, handy, hang, hangar, hangdog look, hanger, hanging, hangman, hangover, haphazard, hapless, happen, happening, happiness, happy, happy-go-lucky, harangue, harass, harassed, harassment, harbor, harbour, hard, hard copy, hard drive, hard-headed, hard sell, harden, hardening, hardihood, hardiness, hardly, hardness, hardpan, hardship, hare, harebell, harm, harmful, harmless, harmonic, harmonious, harmonize, harmony, harness, harp, harpoon, harrow, harrowed, harrowing, harry, harsh, hart, harvest, harvester, hash, hassle, haste, hasten, hastily, hastiness, hasty, hat, hatch, hatchback, hatchet, hate, hateful, hatred, haughtiness, haughty, haul, haulage, haulier, haunch, haunt, have, haven, haversack, havoc, haw, hawk, hawker, hawthorn, hay, hayfever, hayloft, haymaker, hayrick, hazard, hazardous, hazel, hazelnut, he, head, head-dress, head-gear, head-line, head start, headache, header, headhunter, heading, headland, headless, headlight, headline, headlong, headman, headmaster, headmistress, headphones, headquarters, headrest, headstrong, headway, headwind, headword, headwork, heady, heal, healing, health, healthful, healthresort, healthy


I, ice, ice-cold, ice cube, ice hockey, ice rink, iceberg, icebound, icebox, icebreaker, icecream, Icelander, ichthyology, icicle, icing, icon, icy, idea, ideal, identical, identification, identify, identity, ideological, ideology, idiom, idle, idleness, idler, idol, idolatrous, idolatry, idolize, idyl, idyll, idyllic, if, iffy, ignite, ignition, ignoble, ignominious, ignorance, ignorant, ill, ill-advised, ill-bred, ill-fated, ill-favored, ill-favoured, ill feeling, ill-humored, ill-humoured, ill-natured, ill-starred, ill-tempered, ill-treat, ill will, illegal, illegible, illegitimate, illiberal, illicit, illiterate, illness, illogical, illuminate, illuminating, illumination, illusion, illusive, illusory, illustrate, illustration, illustrative, illustrious, image, imagery, imaginable, imaginary, imagination, imaginative, imagine, imbalance, imbibe, imitate, imitation, immaculate, immaterial, immature, immeasurable, immediate, immediately, immemorial, immense, immerse, immigrant, immigrate, immigration, imminent, immobile, immobilize, immoderate, immodest, immoral, immorality, immortality, immovable, immunity, immunize, immutable, imp, impact, impair, impaired, impale, impalpable, impart, impartial, impartiality, impassable, impasse, impassioned, impassive, impatience, impatient, impeach, impeccable, impede, impediment, impending, impenetrable, impenitent, imperative, imperceptible, imperfect, imperfection, imperial, imperil, imperious, imperishable, impermeable, impersonal, impersonal verb, impersonate, impertinence, impertinent, imperturbable, impervious, impetuous, impetus, impiety, impinge, impious, implacable, implant, implement, implicate, implication, implicit, implore, imply, impolite, import, importance, important, importation, importer, importunate, importune, impose, imposing, imposition, impossibility, impossible, imposter, impostor, imposture, impotence, impotent, impoverish, impracticable, impractical, imprecation, imprecise, imprecision, impregnable, impregnate, impresario, impress, impression, impressive, imprint, imprinted, imprison, improbable, improper, impropriety, improve, improvement


jab, jabber, Jack of all trades, jackal, jackboot, jackdaw, jacket, jackknife, jackpot, jade, jaded, jag, jagged, jail, jail break, jailer, jaloppy, jalopy, jam, jam-packed, jamboree, jangle, janitor, January, Japanese, jar, jargon, jaundice, jaundiced, jaunt, jaunty, javelin, jaw, jawbone, jay, jaywalk, jaywalker, jazz, jazzy, jealous, jealousy, jeer, jejune, jell, jelly, jellyfish, jeopardize, jerk, jerkily, jerky, jersey, jest, jester, jet, jetty, Jew, jewel, jeweler, jeweller, jewellery, jewelry, Jewish, jiggle, jigsaw, jilt, jingle, jitter, job, job profile, jobless, jockey, jocose, jocoseness, jocular, jog, join, joiner, joinery, joint, jointly, joke, joker, joky, jolly, jolt, josh, jostle, jotter, journal, journalism, journalist, journey, journeyman, jovial, joy, joyful, joyless, joyous, jubilant, jubilation, judge, judgement, judgment, judicature, judicial, judicious, jug, juggernaut, juggle, juggler, Jugoslav, juice, juicy, jukebox, July, jumble, jumbo, jump, jumper, jumpseat, jumpy, junction, juncture, June, jungle, junk, junk food, junket, junta, jurisdiction, jurisprudence, jury, juryman, just, justice, justifiable, justification, justify, justly, justness, juvenile, juxtapose


kale, kangaroo, kaput, keel, keen, keenness, keep, keeper, keeping, keepsake, keg, kerchief, kernel, kettle, kettledrum, key, key interest rate, keyboard, keyhole, keyman, keynote, keystone, kick, kicker, kid, kidnap, kidnaper, kidnapper, kidney, kill, killer, killing, kiln, kilogram, kilogramme, kilometre, kilt, kin, kind, kind-hearted, kindergarten, kindle, kindness, kindred, king, king-sized, kingdom, kinglike, kingly, kinship, kiss, kit, kitbag, kitchen, kite, kitten, knapsack, knave, knavery, knead, knee, kneecap, kneejoint, kneel, knell, knickers, knickknack, knife, knight, knighthood, knightly, knit, knitting, knitwear, knob, knock, knocker, knoll, knot, knotty, know, know-all, knowing, knowledge, knowledgeable, known, kudos


lab, label, labor, labor-intensive, laboratory, labored, laborer, laboring, laborious, labour market, laboured, labourer, labouring, lace, lacerate, lack, laconic, lacquer, lad, ladder-proof, laden, ladle, lady, ladybird, ladybug, lag, lager, lager beer, laggard, lagoon, laid-back, lair, lake, lamb, lambskin, lambswool, lament, lamentable, lamentation, lamp, lampoon, lamppost, lampshade, lance, land, landed, landholder, landing, landlady, landlord, landlubber, landmark, landowner, landscape, lane, language, languid, languish, languor, lank, lanky, lantern, lap, lapel, lapse, laptop, larceny, larch, lard, larder, large, large-format screen, large-scale, largely, largeminded, largeness, lark, larkspur, larva, lascivious, laser, lash, lass, lassie, lassitude, last, last-ditch, last name, lasting, lastly, latch, latchkey, latecomer, lately, lateness, latent, lateral, lath, lathe, lather, Latin, latitude, latter, latterly, lattice, laudable, laugh, laughable, laughing, laughingstock, laughter, launch, launching, launder, laundress, laundrette, laundry, laurel, lava, lavatory, lavender, lavish, law, law-abiding, law-court, lawful, lawless, lawn, lawnmower, lawyer, lax, laxative, lay-by, lay-off, layabout, layer, layman, layout, lazy, lead, lead-free, leaden, leader, leadership, leading, leaf, leafage, leafless, leaflet, leafy, league, leak, leakage, leaky, leaning, leanness, leap, leapfrog, leapyear, learn, learned, learner, learning, lease, leash, least, leather, leaven, lecturer, ledge, ledger, lee, leech, leek, leeward, leeway, left, left-handed, left-overs, leftist, leftover, leftovers, leg, legacy, legal, legalize, legend, legendary, leggings, legible, legion, legislation, legislative, legislator, legitimacy, legitimate, legitimize, leisure, leisurely, lemonade


macerate, machination, machine, machine-tool, machinery, machinist, machismo, mackerel, mackintosh, macro, macrobiotic, macrobiotics, macrocosm, mad, madam, madden, maddening, made-to-order, madness, magazine, maggot, magic, magician, magistrate, magnanimous, magnet, magnetic, magnetize, magnification, magnificence, magnificent, magnify, magnitude, magpie, mahogany, maid, maiden, maidenhead, maidenhood, maidenly, mail, mail order, mailbag, mailbox, mailman, mailshot, maim, main, main course, mainframe, mainland, mainly, mainspring, mainstay, mainstream, maintain, maintenance, maize, majestic, majesty, major, majority, make, make-up, maker, makeshift, maladjusted, maladjustment, maladministration, maladroit, malady, malaise, malcontent, male, malediction, malevolence, malevolent, malfunction, malice, malicious, maliciousness, malign, malignancy, malignant, malignity, mall, malleable, mallet, malnutrition, malodorous, malpractice, malt, maltreat, mama, mamma, mammal, mammoth, mammy, man, man-made, man-of-war, manage, manageable, management, manager, managing, mandarin, mandate, mandatory, mane, manful, mange, manger, mangle, mangy, manhood, mania, manicure, manifest, manifestation, manifesto, manifold, manipulate, manipulation, mankind, manner, mannered, mannerly, manoeuvre, manor, manouvre, manpower, mansion, manslaughter, mantelpiece, mantle, manual, manufacture, manufacturer, manure, manuscript, many, map, maple, mar, marathon, maraud, marauder, marble, marbled, March, marchioness, mare, margarine, margin, marginal, marihuana, marijuana, marine, mariner, marital, maritime, mark, marked, markedly, marker, market, market gap, marketable, marketing, marksman, marksmanship, marmalade, marquee, marquis, marriage, marriageable, married, marrow, marrowy, marry, marsh, marshal, marshy, mart, marten, martial, martyr, marvel, marvellous, marvelous, Marxism, Marxist, mascot, masculine, mash, mask, mason, masonry, masquerade


nab, nadir, nagging, nail, naive, naked, nakedness, name, nameless, namely, nameplate, namesake, nanny, nannygoat, nap, narcosis, narcotic, narky, narration, narrative, narrator, narrow, narrow-minded, narrowness, nasal, nasty, nation, national, nationalism, nationalist, nationality, nationalize, nationwide, native, nativity, natural, naturalist, naturalize, nature, naught, naughty, nausea, nauseate, nautical, naval, nave, navel, navigable, navigate, navigation, navigator, navy, near, nearby, nearly, nearness, nearsighted, neat, neatness, nebulous, necessarily, necessitate, necessity, neck, neckerchief, necklace, neckline, need, needful, needle, needless, needlework, needy, nefarious, negate, negation, negative, neglect, neglectful, negligent, negligible, negotiate, negotiation, neigh, neighbor, neighborhood, neighboring, neighborly, neighbour, neighbourhood, neighbouring, neighbourly, neon, nephew, nerve, nerve-racking, nervous, nervousness, nest, nestle, nether, netiquette, nettle, network, neuron, neurosis, neurotic, neuter, neutral, neutrality, neutron, never, nevermore, nevertheless, new, New Year, New Year's Day, newcomer, newly, news, news agent, news dealer, news stall, newsboy, newscast, newsgroup, newsletter, newspaper, newsreel, next, nexus, nibble, nice, nicety, niche, nick, nickel, nickname, nicotine, niece, nifty, niggard, niggardly, night, night shift, night watchman, nightcap, nightclub, nightdress, nightfall, nightingale, nightlife, nightly, nightmare, nightshirt, nightspot, nighttime, nil, nimble, nimbleness, nimbus, nine, ninefold, ninepins, nineteen, ninny, ninth, nip, nipper, nipple, nippy, nit-picking, nitpicking, nitre, nitrogen, nix, no, nobility, noble, nobleman, nobleness, nobody, nocturnal, node, noise, noiseless, noisome, noisy, nomad, nominal, nominate, nomination, non -, non-alcoholic, non-aligned, non-breakable, non-commissioned, non-committal, non-conductor, non-existent


oak, oar, oasis, oat, oath, oatmeal, obdurate, obedience, obedient, obeisance, obey, obituary, object, objection, objectionable, objective, obligation, obligatory, oblige, obliged, oblique, obliterate, oblivion, oblivious, oblong, obnoxious, obscene, obscenity, obscure, obscurity, obsequies, obsequious, observable, observance, observant, observation, observatory, observe, obsess, obsession, obsolete, obstacle, obstinacy, obstinate, obstruct, obstruction, obstructive, obtain, obtainable, obtrude, obtrusive, obtuse, obviate, obvious, occasion, occasional, occident, occidental, occult, occupant, occupation, occupational therapy, occupy, occur, occurrence, ocean, oceangoing, oceanic, October, ocular, oculist, odd, oddball, oddity, odds, odious, odor, odour, of, off-centre, off-color, off limits, off-season, off-the-cuff, off-white, offbeat, offcast, offence, offend, offender, offensive, offer, offering, offhand, office, officer, official, officialdom, officialese, officiate, officious, offline, offset, offshoot, offshore, offside, offspring, offstage, often, ogre, oh, oil, oil painting, oil slick, oilcloth, oilfield, oilrig, oilskin, oily, ointment, okay, old, oldish, olive, Olympic games, ombudsman, omen, ominous, omission, omit, omnipotence, omnipotent, on, on-the-spot, once, oncoming, one, one-sided, one-way street, onerous, oneself, ongoing, onion, online, onlooker, only, onrush, onset, onshore, onslaught, onward, ooze, oozy, opaque, open, open a file, open-ended, open-minded, opener, opening, openness, opera, opera glasses, opera house, operable, operation, operational, operator, opinion, opinion poll, opinionated, opium, opponent, opportune, opportunity, oppose, opposed, opposite, opposition, oppress, oppression, oppressive, opt, optic, optical, optician, optics, optimism, optimistic, optimize, option, optional, opulence, opus, or, oracle, oracular, oral, orange, orangeade


pace, pacemaker, pacesetter, pacific, pacifist, pacify, pack, pack ice, package, packet, packing, packthread, pact, padding, paddle, paddock, padlock, pagan, page, page break, pageant, pail, pain, painful, painkiller, painless, painstaking, paint, paintbrush, painter, painting, pair, pal, palace, palatable, palate, pale, paleness, palette, palisade, pall, pallet, palliate, palliative, pallid, pallidness, pallor, palm, palpable, palpitate, palpitation, paltry, pamper, pamphlet, pan, panacea, pancake, panda, pandemonium, pander, pane, panel, pang, panic, pansy, pant, panther, panties, pants, pantsuit, pap, papa, papacy, papal, paper, paper source, paperback, paperbag, paperhanger, papermill, paperweight, paperwork, par, parable, parachute, parachutist, parade, paradise, paradox, paradoxical, paragon, paragraph, parallel, paralyse, paralysis, paramount, paranoia, paranoiac, parapet, paraplegia, paraplegic, parasite, parasol, paratrooper, parboil, parcel, parch, parchment, pardon, pardonable, pare, parent, parental, parenthesis, parish, parishioner, Parisian, parity, park, parking, parlance, parley, parliament, parliamentarian, parliamentary, parlor, parlour, parochial, parody, parole, parquet, parrot, parry, parsimonious, parsley, parson, parsonage, part, part-owner, part-time, part-timer, partake, partial, partiality, participant, participate, participation, participle, particle, particular, particularity, particularize, parting, partisan, partisanship, partition, partitive, partner, partnership, partridge, party, pass, passable, passage, passageway, passenger, passer-by, passion, passionate, passive, passport, password, past, past tense, paste, pasteboard, pastel, pasteurize, pastime, pastor, pastrycook, pasture, pat, patchwork, patchy, pate, patent, paternal, paternity, path, pathetic, pathname, pathological, pathologist, pathology, pathos, pathway, patience, patient, patio


quackery, quadrangle, quadruped, quadruple, quadruplet, quagmire, quail, quaint, quake, qualification, qualified, qualify, qualitative, quality, qualm, qualms, quandary, quantity, quantum, quarantine, quarrel, quarrelsome, quarry, quart, quarter, quarterday, quarterdeck, quarterly, quartet, quartette, quartz, quash, quasi, quay, queen, queer, quell, quench, querulous, query, quest, question, questioning, questionnaire, queue, quibble, quick, quick-witted, quicken, quickfrozen, quickly, quickness, quicksand, quickset, quicksilver, quid, quiet, quietness, quietude, quill, quilt, quince, quinine, quintessence, quintuple, quirk, quisling, quite, quittance, quitter, quiver, quiz, quizzical, quoit, quorum, quotation, quote, quotient


rôle, rabbi, rabbit, rabid, rabies, raccoon, race, racecourse, racehorse, racer, racetrack, racial, racing, racism, racist, rack, racket, racoon, racy, radar, radial, radiance, radiant, radiate, radiation, radiator, radical, radio, radioactive, radioactivity, radiography, radiologist, radiotherapy, radish, raffle, raft, rafter, ragamuffin, ragbag, rage, ragged, ragman, raid, railing, railroad, railway, railway station, railwayman, rain, raincoat, rainfall, rainproof, rainy, raise, raisin, rake, rakish, rally, ram, rambler, rambling, ramification, ramify, ramp, rampant, rampart, ramshackle, ranch, rancid, rancor, rancour, ranger, rank, rankle, ransack, ransom, rant, rap, rapacious, rapacity, rape, rapid, rapidity, rapist, rapt, rapture, rare, rarebit, rarity, rascal, rash, rasher, rasp, raspberry, rat, rat race, rate, rate of exchange, ratepayer, rather, ratify, rating, ratio, ration, rational, rationale, rationalist, rationalize, rattle, rattlesnake, rattletrap, raucous, ravage, rave, ravel, raven, ravenous, ravine, ravings, ravish, ravishing, raw, raw-boned, rawhide, ray, rayon, raze, razor, razzia, re-armament, re-cover, re-create, re-elect, re-election, re-enter, re-entry, re-establish, react, reaction, reactionary, reactor, read, readable, reader, readership, readily, readiness, reading, readjust, readjustment, ready, ready-made, ready-to-wear, real, real estate, realism, realistic, realistically, reality, realizable, realization, realize, really, realm, realtor, realty, reap, reaper, reappear, reappraisal, rear, rear guard, rearward, rearwards, reason, reasonable, reasoned, reasoning, reassemble, reassure, reassuring, rebate, rebel, rebellion, rebellious, rebirth, reboot, rebound, rebuff, rebuild, rebuke, rebut, recall, recant, recap, recapitulate, recapture, recast, recede, receding


sabbatical, sabotage, sack, sackcloth, sacking, sacrament, sacred, sacrifice, sacrilege, sacrilegious, sacrosanct, sad, sadden, saddle, sadist, sadness, safe, safe conduct, safebreaker, safecracker, safeguard, safekeeping, safely, safeness, safety, saffron, sag, sagacious, sage, sagittarius, sail, sailboat, sailcloth, sailer, sailor, sailplane, saint, saintly, salad, salary, sale, saleable, salesclerc, salesgirl, salesman, salesmanship, saleswoman, salient, saliva, sallow, sally, salmon, saloon, salt, salt-free, saltpetre, salty, salubrious, salutary, salutation, salute, salvation, salvo, same, sample, sanatorium, sanctify, sanctimonious, sanction, sanctity, sanctuary, sand, sandal, sandbox, sandhill, sandman, sandpaper, sandpiper, sandpit, sandstone, sandwich, sandy, sane, sanguinary, sanguine, sanitary, sanitation, sanity, sap, sapless, sapling, sapphire, sappy, sarcasm, sarcastic, sardine, satchel, sateen, satellite, satellite dish, satiate, satin, satire, satirical, satirist, satirize, satisfaction, satisfactory, satisfy, saturate, saturation, Saturday, sauce, saucepan, saucer, saucy, sauna, saunter, sausage, savage, savagery, save, saver, savings bank, savior, saviour, savor, savory, savoury, saw, sawdust, sawmill, say, saying, scabby, scabies, scabrous, scaffold, scaffolding, scald, scalding, scale model, scallop, scalp, scalpel, scamp, scamper, scan, scan in, scandal, scandalize, scandalous, scant, scanty, scapegoat, scar, scarce, scarcely, scarcity, scare, scarecrow, scared, scaremonger, scarf, scarlet, scary, scathing, scatter, scatterbrained, scattered, scavenger, scenario, scene, scenery, scenic, scent, scentless, sceptic, sceptical, sceptre, schedule, scheme, schism, scholar, scholarly, scholarship, scholastic, school, schoolboy, schoolfellow, schoolgirl, schooling, schoolmate, schoolroom, schooner, sciatica, science, scientific, scientist, scintillate


tab, table, tablecloth, tableland, tablespoon, tablet, tabletop, tableware, taboo, tabulate, tabulator, tacit, taciturn, tackle, tact, tactful, tactical, tactics, tactile, tactless, tadpole, tag, tailback, tailcoat, tailgate, tailor, tailor-made, tailpiece, tailwind, taint, take, takeaway, taken, takeover, takings, tale, talent, talented, talk, talkative, talker, talking, talking-to, tall, tallow, tally, talon, tame, tamper, tan, tandem, tang, tangent, tangerine, tangible, tangle, tangy, tank, tankard, tanker, tanned, tanner, tantalize, tantalizing, tantamount, tantrum, tap, tape, taper, tapestry, tapeworm, taproom, tar, tardy, tare, target, tariff, tarmac, tarnish, tarragon, tarry, tart, tartan, task, tassel, taste, tasteful, tasteless, tasty, tattered, tatters, tattle, tattoo, tatty, taunt, Taurus, taut, tavern, tawdry, tawny, tax, tax advantage, tax evasion, tax-free, tax increase, tax rate, tax reform, tax relief, taxation, taxi, taxpayer, tea, teach, teachable, teacher, teaching, teacup, team, teamwork, teapot, tear, teardrop, tearful, tearoom, tease, teaspoon, teat, teatime, technical, technicality, technician, technique, technology, tedious, tedium, teem, teenager, teens, teeny, teethe, teetotaler, teetotaller, telecast, telecommunications, teleconference, telegram, telegraph, telegraphic, telegraphy, telephone, telephone booth, telephone box, telephonic, telephonist, telephony, telephoto, teleprinter, telescope, televiewer, televise, television, teleworking, telex, tell, teller, telling, telltale, telly, temerity, temper, temperament, temperamental, temperance, temperate, temperature, tempest, template, temple, temporal, temporary, tempt, temptation, tempting, ten, tenable, tenacious, tenacity, tenancy, tenant, tend, tendency, tender, tenderfoot, tenderize, tenderloin, tenderness, tendon, tendril, tenement, tenet


udder, ulcer, ulcerate, ulcerous, ulterior, ultimate, ultimately, ultimatum, ultimo, ultra-short wave, ultramarine, ultraviolet, umbilical cord, umbrage, umbrella, umpteenth, unabashed, unable, unabridged, unaccommodating, unaccompanied, unaccountable, unaccustomed, unadulterated, unadvised, unaffected, unaided, unalloyed, unalterable, unambiguous, unanimity, unanimous, unanimously, unanswerable, unapproachable, unashamed, unasked, unassisted, unassuming, unattached, unattended, unattractive, unauthorized, unavailable, unavailing, unavoidable, unaware, unawares, unbalanced, unbearable, unbeaten, unbecoming, unbelief, unbelievable, unbelieving, unbend, unbending, unbiased, unbiassed, unbid, unbidden, unbind, unblushing, unborn, unbounded, unbowed, unbreakable, unbridled, unbroken, unburden, unbutton, uncanny, uncap, uncared-for, unceasing, unceasingly, unceremonious, uncertain, uncertainty, unchain, unchallenged, unchangeable, unchanging, uncharitable, unchecked, uncivil, unclaimed, unclasp, unclassified, uncle, unclean, uncomfortable, uncommon, uncommunicative, uncompromising, unconcern, unconcerned, unconditional, unconquerable, unconscionable, unconscious, unconsciousness, unconventional, unconvinced, unconvincing, uncork, uncountable, uncouple, uncouth, uncover, unction, unctuous, uncultivated, undamaged, undaunted, undeceive, undecided, undecipherable, undefined, undelete, undeniable, undenominational, under, underbid, underbrush, undercarriage, underclothes, undercover, undercurrent, undercut, underdone, underemployment, underestimate, underfed, underfoot, undergo, undergraduate, underground, undergrowth, underhand, underhanded, underlie, underline, underling, underlying, undermentioned, undermine, undermost, underneath, underpaid, underpants, underpass, underpin, underplay, underplot, underprivileged, underrate, underscore, undersecretary, undershorts, underside, undersigned, undersized, understaffed, understand, understandable, understanding, undertake, undertaker, undertaking, undertenant, undertone, undervalue, underwater, underwood, underworld, underwrite, underwriter, undeserved, undeserving, undeviating, undigested, undignified, undisciplined, undiscriminating, undisputed, undivided, undo, undoing, undoubted, undoubtedly, undreamed-of, undreamt-of, undress, undressed, undue, undulate, undulating, undulation, unduly


vacancy, vacant, vacate, vacation, vacationist, vaccinate, vaccination, vaccine, vacillate, vacuous, vacuum, vagabond, vagary, vagina, vagrant, vague, vain, vainglorious, vale, valediction, valerian, valet, valeting, valetudinarian, valiant, valid, validity, valise, valley, valor, valour, valuable, valuation, value, value-added tax, valuer, valve, vamp, van, vandal, vandalism, vandalize, vane, vanilla, vanish, vanity, vanquish, vantage, vapid, vapor, vaporize, vaporous, vapour, variable, variance, variant, variation, varicose vein, varied, variegated, variety, various, varnish, vary, vase, vassal, vast, vat, vault, vaulting-horse, vaunt, veal, veer, vegetable, vegetarian, vegetarianism, vegetate, vegetative, vehemence, vehement, vehicle, veil, vein, velocity, velvet, velvety, venal, vend, vending machine, vendor, veneer, venerable, venerate, veneration, venereal, Venetian, vengeance, venial, venison, venom, venomous, vent, ventilation, ventilator, ventriloquist, venture, venturous, venue, veracious, verb, verbal, verbalize, verbose, verdict, verdigris, verdure, verge, verification, verify, verisimilitude, veritable, vermilion, vermin, verminous, vermouth, vermuth, vernacular, versatile, verse, versed, version, verso, versus, vertical, vertiginous, vertigo, verve, very, vessel, vestibule, vestige, vet, veteran, veterinarian, veterinary, veto, vex, vexatious, vexed, via, viaduct, vibes, vibrant, vibraphone, vibrate, vibration, vicar, vicarage, vicarious, vice, vice-chair, vice-president, vice versa, vicinity, vicious, vicissitudes, victim, victimization, victor, Victorian, victorious, victory, victual, video, videophone, videotape, vie, Viennese, view, viewer, viewpoint, vigil, vigilance, vigilant, vigor, vigorous, vigour, vile, vilify, villa, village, villager, villain, villainous, villainy, vim, vindicate, vindication, vindictive, vine


wadding, waddle, wade, wafer, waft, wag, wage, wage earner, wager, waggish, waggle, waggon, waggoner, wagon, wagoner, wagtail, wail, wainscot, waist, waistcoat, waisted, waistline, wait, waiter, waiting, waiting list, waiting room, waitress, waive, wakeful, waken, walk, walk-out, walkaway, walker, walkie-talkie, walkout, walkover, wall, wallet, wallflower, wallop, wallow, wallpaper, walnut, walrus, waltz, wan, wand, wander, wanderer, wanderlust, wane, want, wanting, wanton, war, warble, warden, warder, wardrobe, warehouse, wares, warfare, warhead, warhorse, wariness, warlike, warm, warmth, warn, warning, warp, warrant, warranty, warrior, wart, wary, wash, washbasin, washcloth, washed-out, washed-up, washer, washing, washing-up, washout, washrag, washy, wasp, wastage, waste, wasteful, wastepipe, watch, watchdog, watchful, watchmaker, watchman, watchstrap, watchword, water, water main, water melon, watercolor, watercolour, watercourse, watercress, waterfall, waterfront, watergauge, waterlevel, waterlogged, watermark, waterplane, waterproof, watershed, waterside, watertight, waterworks, watery, watt, wattle, wave, wavelength, waver, wavy, wax, waxen, way, waybill, wayfarer, waylay, wayside, wayward, we, weak, weakly, weakness, weal, wealth, wealthy, wean, weapon, wear, weariness, wearing, wearisome, weary, weasel, weather, weathercock, weatherproof, weathertight, weave, weaver, Web, webbing, wed, wedding, wedlock, Wednesday, weed, weedkiller, weedy, week, weekday, weekend, weekly, weeny, weep, weighbridge, weight, weightless, weightlessness, weighty, weir, weird, welcome, weld, welfare, welfare state, well-advised, well-being, well-bred, well-earned, well-groomed, well-intentioned, well-known, well-meaning, well-meant, well-nigh, well-off, well-thought-of, well-timed, well-to-do, well-worn, wellbeing, wellwisher, Welsh


xenophobia, xylophone


yacht, yachting, yap, yard, yardstick, yarn, yawl, yawn, yawning, yea, year, yearbook, yearlong, yearly, yearn, yearning, yeast, yell, yellow, yellowish, yelp, yen, yes, yesterday, yet, yew, Yiddish, yielding, yodel, yoga, yoghourt, yoghurt, yogurt, yoke, yolk, yonder, yore, you, young, youngish, youngster, your, yourself, youth, youthful, Yugoslav, Yule, Yuletide


zany, zap, zeal, zealot, zealotry, zealous, zebra, zenith, zero, zest, zigzag, zinc, zip code, zodiac, zone, zoo, zoological, zoology, zoom

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